Price list

 A Period 10/5 – 15/6B Period 16/6 – 31/8C Period 1/9 – 30/9
Adults overnight stay6.00€7.00€6.00€
Child aged 0-3, overnight stay0.00€0.00€0.00€
Child aged 4-10, overnight stay4.50€5.50€4.50€
Camper / Motorhome7.50€8.50€7.50€
Vehicle with pop top roof7.50€8.50€7.50€
Small tent (Alpine)5.50€6.50€5.50€
Large tent (2+ people)7.50€8.50€7.50€
Mini bus up to 16 seats8.00€9.00€8.00€
Bus over 16 seats9.50€11.00€9.50€
Boat – trailer3.50€3.50€3.50€
Electric power Supply5.00€5.00€5.00€
Caravan to rent (max 4 persons + electric power supply)45.00€45.00€45.00€
Wooden cabin to rent (small)40.00€40.00€40.00€
Wooden cabin to rent (large)50.00€50.00€50.00€
Reed cabin to rent35.00€35.00€35.00€
Empty / unaccompanied caravans-tents13.00€16.00€13.00€
Guests without overnight stay7.00€7.00€7.00€
Parking in parking area1.50€1.50€1.50€

100kw is provided for free for caravans on a seasonal pitch. Extra electricity consumption will be charged according to the electricity provider’s pricelist (per kw). Electricity is provided only for radio, TV, refrigerator, lights and microwave oven till 1500w maximum.


There is a 10% discount when staying more than 10 days in a tent.