Price list

 A Period 10/5 – 15/6B Period 16/6 – 31/8C Period 1/9 – 30/9
Adults overnight stay6.00€7.00€6.00€
Child aged 0-3, overnight stay0.00€0.00€0.00€
Child aged 4-10, overnight stay4.50€5.50€4.50€
Camper / Motorhome7.50€8.50€7.50€
Vehicle with pop top roof7.50€8.50€7.50€
Small tent (Alpine)5.50€6.50€5.50€
Large tent (2+ people)7.50€8.50€7.50€
Canopy tent7.00€8.00€7.00€
Mini bus up to 16 seats8.00€9.00€8.00€
Bus over 16 seats9.50€11.00€9.50€
Boat – trailer3.50€3.50€3.50€
Electric power Supply5.00€5.00€5.00€
Caravan to rent (max 4 persons + electric power supply)50.00€50.00€50.00€
Wooden cabin to rent (small)45.00€45.00€45.00€
Wooden cabin to rent (large)55.00€55.00€55.00€
Reed cabin to rent40.00€40.00€40.00€
Empty / unaccompanied caravans-tents13.00€16.00€13.00€
Guests without overnight stay7.00€7.00€7.00€
Parking in parking area1.50€1.50€1.50€

Electricity is provided only for radio, TV, refrigerator, lights and microwave oven till 800w maximum.


There is a 10% discount when staying more than 10 days in a tent.