Camping Natura welcomes you to the beautiful village of Mandra. In the village live the hospitable refugees of Asia Minor who came from city of SERNTIBAN in the region Antapazar Bithynias.

The conditions of existence for the refugees were tragic, with a lot of manual labour and sacrifices they accomplished to organise the village and give blow in the area. Difficult times during the war, led the village to the infelicity. Fast however and afterwards the civilian war citizens of Mandra recovered and developed fast rhythms of progress, up to the current time.

Characteristic elements of historical way are the infrequent heirlooms, books, personal objects and other types of valuables, which with faith and adoration refugees brought with them. Saint Giorgio, the little church that is found outside the village was the first, which was built at the dorp. On July 20th Prophet Ilias , celebrates, the churh of village celebrates too.

At the same time a lot of various cultural events as Saint Spirit taking place, is the day of memory for refugee residents from their violent moving from Asia Minor. In the village you will find the eminent Madra Stones with hot colours, from which was build, ancient Abdira and today it continue to decorate the region’s houses.